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Keepsake Jewelry

Star with Paw Print Necklace
(Sterling Silver)

Large or Small Star Necklace – $162.14

Sterling Silver Cylinder Necklace
Cylinder, 3 paws lined up
Plain Cylinder
Cylinder, 3 paws diagonal

Sterling Silver Cylinder Necklace – $162.14

Pewter Keychain Keepsakes
Available: USA, Star, Sun, Paw Print, Birds, Cross, Cat, Hearts, Bone
(Multiple colors to choose for Vial)

Crystal Necklaces
(Sterling Silver)

Paw print, Heart and Cylinder – $108.09

Sterling Silver Necklaces
Infinity with Paw Prints
Circles with Paw Prints

Sterling Silver Necklaces – $162.14

Sterling Silver Heart Necklaces
Half Etched Heart
Heart Etched
Raised Heart
Raised Paw Print
Fully Etched Heart

Sterling Silver Heart Necklaces – $162.14

Two-Tone Necklaces
Paw Print

Two-Tone Necklaces – $205.38